Preston Castle gets a visit from director of Merle Haggard documentary

According to Wednesday’s Ledger-Dispatch, the director Gandulf Hennig visited Preston Castle for a film on Merle Haggard. The now famous musician was at Preston School of Industry and even attempted an escape in 1953, when he was 16.

The article states, ‘Hennig’s film crew spent several hours in Ione. Preston Castle Foundation President Marie Nutting took them on a tour of the landmark correctional facility that had once labeled Haggard “incorrigible.”‘

Further, according to the Ledger Dispatch,  the Castle has been featured in a variety of different shoots including a Travel Channel episode of “Ghost Adventures,” (Link to their video here) UOP student film director Caroline Taylor’s “Engagement to Murder” and scenes from co-producers Porter Media Group and Imagination Theater upcoming play, “Dracula.” It has also seen many photographers on it’s first Photographer’s Day in April of last year.

Nutting is currently asking Haggard for a possible interview to seek more insight about the history and school at his time. Garavaglia Architecture, Inc, is also continuing with its efforts to assist in rehabilitating the structure.

Preston Castle

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Read more from the full article from the Ledger- Dispatch: Director arrives at Preston Castle for upcoming film on Merle Haggard.


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