LEEDing in Historic Preservation

Michael Garavaglia becomes a LEED Accredited Professional. LEED certification is changing.

Garavaglia Architecture’s Principal, Michael Garavaglia, has become our newest LEED® Accredited Professional member. Chris Lutjen and Ayano Hattori are also accredited, bringing the firm total to three. LEED® is also currently going under changes as well with LEED® 3.0.  With Version 3, the US Green Building Council has included a new credentialing system and certification system. The new system includes a different allocation of points and takes such things as regional variations into account. Garavaglia Architecture believes that Historic Preservation is a unique opportunity and one of the most sustainable things to do on a building. We are encouraged by the recent trends to look at our cultural and structural resources in this new way.  Congratulations Mike!