Dea Bacchetti speaks to the First Unitarian Church of Oakland

As President of Oakland Heritage Alliance, Marketing Manager Dea Bacchetti spoke to the First Unitarian Church of Oakland in a speech titled “Affirmations,” about the Church’s efforts to rehabilitation and Oakland Heritage Alliance assistance as a partner in this 28 year venture this past weekend. In her speech she recognizes the Church’s challenging but successful endeavor and its importance:

“Opened in 1891, and built solely with materials timbered, quarried, or otherwise made in California, this superbly crafted Richardsonian Romanesque style building has withstood the test of time. Over 100 years, and two earthquakes later, the structure has gracefully provided a home for Sunday services, hosted thousands of meetings, weddings, and events. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977, the church is also a California Landmark and arguably one of Oakland’s more significant historic buildings… Through your actions you have preserved this shining gem and have served as an example to all: how a group of dedicated people can make a difference in preserving our past for future generations.”