Touring the Old Mint

Chris Lutjen takes a tour of the San Francisco Old Mint. Building opened for tours certain dates and times until the end of this month.

An Old Wall Safe
An Old Wall Safe. Photo by Chris Lutjen

Recently, Garavaglia Architecture’s Chris Lutjen participated in a tour of the Old Mint. Organized by the Heritage Young Preservationists, the Associate Curator led a tour of the building on 5th and Mission a couple of days ago.

Built in 1868, and left almost completely intact after the earthquake in 1906,it  benefited from an experimental practice of the time a floating foundation, all metal trim and heat absorbing masonry walls.  The building became not only one of the few institutions with money (because it was in coins) but was an outpost for refugees in the aftermath of the disaster to apply for funds and receive fresh water from the cisterns in the courtyard.  The office renovation from the 1970’s has recently been completely torn out.  The main hall and rooms were renovated at that time and are apparent in the current state.  It is intended to completely renovate the building and open as a history museum.

Interior Details in the Old Mint
Interior Details in the Old Mint. Photo by Chris Lutjen

The building will be open for the event Backstage Pass: A Sweeping History of Rock ’n Roll on these days in July.  There is a $10 admission fee.

The hours are:

Thursday 7/16: 5p.m. to 9p.m.
Friday 7/17-Sunday 7/19: Noon to 5p.m.

LEEDing in Historic Preservation

Michael Garavaglia becomes a LEED Accredited Professional. LEED certification is changing.

Garavaglia Architecture’s Principal, Michael Garavaglia, has become our newest LEED® Accredited Professional member. Chris Lutjen and Ayano Hattori are also accredited, bringing the firm total to three. LEED® is also currently going under changes as well with LEED® 3.0.  With Version 3, the US Green Building Council has included a new credentialing system and certification system. The new system includes a different allocation of points and takes such things as regional variations into account. Garavaglia Architecture believes that Historic Preservation is a unique opportunity and one of the most sustainable things to do on a building. We are encouraged by the recent trends to look at our cultural and structural resources in this new way.  Congratulations Mike!

La Laguna Project Wins Preservation Award

The La Laguna de San Gabriel Historic Structures Report and Preservation Plan has just received a preservation award from the Los Angeles Conservancy. Garavaglia Architecture Inc. served as the Preservation Architect for the project and congratulations go out to the entire team! Click on the year 1950 and La Laguna on the timeline to read more about this exciting project.

See also a mention of our win in the Architect’s Newpaper blog.

Historical Photograph of Lookout Mountain at La Laguna Park
Historical Photograph of Lookout Mountain at La Laguna Park